Roger Law Ceramics

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Welcome to the official site of Roger Law Ceramics.

Roger Law used to be famous. He was the evil genius behind the mocking caricature puppets of Spitting Image. The award winning TV series ran for twelve years, with Law masterminding the corruption of an entire generation's respect for authority and institutions. When the satire bubble burst, Law found himself too young for retirement, too old to be retrained and without any discernable talent for domesticity - in short, very thoroughly rinsed up. Law did what some people thought was the only decent thing he could do, possibly ever had done- he transported himself to Australia. There he bought himself paint and brushes and began chasing rainbows. A growing interest in ceramics inevitably took him to Jingdezhen, China?s Porcelain City, where the Chinese have made porcelain for over two thousand years. Law now splits his time between Australia and Jingdezhen and the ceramics he makes are as witty and beautiful as his caricatures were rude and ugly. Please take a look.

Roger Law produces his work in Jingdezhen, China. Using the finest porcelain and glazes, Roger cooperates with local masters to create works of exceptional beauty.

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